Flagstaff Dancin' grannies are the GREATEST! Meeting up with them was my lucky break. It's nothing but fun when you tap with this crew.

Eva 70

Maureen 78

Donna 65

These ladies are great! And, they're the best dancers in Flagstaff!




Patti 66

Lynn 66

A lively bunch and great camaraderie. I love coming to class.

​I recently joined the Flagstaff Dancin' Grannies and love the group. Everyone is so welcoming and supportive. What a great asset for our beautiful mountain town! Thanks to everyone  for making me feel so at ease.  You're the best!

Mary 69

Marilyn 73

Such great, welcoming people. They make tap dancing so much fun even for a complete beginner!

BB (Karen) 69

Cherie 72

Ellen 72

Gisela 71

Karen 77

It's easy to feel invisible as you age. But, the Grannies are far from invisible! We love to dance and we enjoy one another's company, sense of humor, and attitude about life. We have lots of fun and I'm glad I joined this group of gals.

Debbie 67

Elsie 83


The BEST bunch of women (and man!) I have ever worked with! They are positive, fun, kind, supportive, thoughtful, lively, extremely social, and very young at heart!

I look forward to every class! It's an adventure! I love them all!

Kathy 68

Audra 71

Berta 74

Just joined again after 15 years.

You're never too old to learn!


What a terrific workout! There's great music, friendly people, super exercise for mind and body, plus lots of laughter.

We laugh, we support each other and we tap for fun, coordination, memory and so much more!

Susie 65

A lively, youthful, fun group that puts up with my singing!

Fun activity, great people, and terrific for balance and coordination

I've always wanted to dance and now I'm learning to tap dance--a dream come true!

Granny Couple

I joined in 1993 and I'll continue as long as I'm able and as long as I enjoy it! Retirement seems far off!

Barbara 84

We care about one another like sisters!

Dancing makes me happy. Come join us!

Flagstaff Dancin'

Back again after a few years break to a great and fun  group of women.

  Carla 67

Jacy 83


I just joined the group and am having so much fun. Feeling young again!

I'm doing my very favorite activity with some of my very favorite people! I love being one of the Flagstaff Dancin' Grannies.

- Childhood dream

-Challenging and rewarding

-Gratifying to give back to community

-Caring and diversified group

Jane 70

- Great group of ladies.

- Great exercise.

-Challenges me to become a better tap dancer.

Brings back happy memories of my youth.

My joy of dancing continues in Flagstaff with the Dancin' Grannies.

Kathleen 73

Are these two of the "darlin" dancin' grannies or ? a gramp and granny. Sorry no names!